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ILife V3S Pro


Wet mopping

Pros and cons

GoodQuiet, Dimensions
BadSuction, Battery, Wet mopping, Control, Functionality

ILife V3S Pro specifications

V3S Pro
CategoryRobot vacuums
Height8.1 centimeters
Battery capacity2600 milliampere hours
Water tank capacity
Suction power850 pascals
Noise level55 decibels
Dustbin capacity300 mililiters

Weight2.2 kilograms
Width30 centimeters
Height8.1 centimeters

Сleaning area120 square meters
Battery capacity2600 milliampere hours
Working time120 minutes
Charging time300 minutes

Water tank capacity
Wet mopping
Water flow control

Suction power850 pascals
Rated power20 watts

Mapping sensors
Wi-Fi Frequency
Path mapping
High-precision map
Video camera
Voice control
Mobile phone app
Alexa support (Amazon)
Google assistant support
Real-time tracking
Zone blocking
Areas cleaning
Multi-floor maps
Selected room cleaning

Noise level55 decibels
Side brushes2 pieces
Dustbin capacity300 mililiters
Barrier-cross height12 milimeters
Recharge & resume
Automatically recharge
LCD display
Automatic dirt disposal
Filter HEPA
Washable filter
Remote control
Virtual walls (magnetic or optical)
Manual movement control
Carpet boost
Anti-drop (cliff sensor)
Dirt detect
Full bin indicator

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Super slim, great for pet hair, very thorough cleaner

I bought this after seeing how highly it was rated for pet hair cleanup. We have a dog who sheds constantly, and that was the most important feature - no clogging due to pet hair. Also, the slim form... Read more

Game Changer!!!

I love this vacuum. It doesn't find its way back home but it works miracles hands down picking up dog hair. I have seven Chihuahua's life was a nightmare with trying to keep up with the dog hair not... Read more


Came packaged poorly, the brushes were all bent. This was done at manufacture

I like this product. I am using for pet hair collecting. Very nice

Overall the vacuum is decent for the price. It is "random" as stated so you cannot map/program it and therfore it doesn't go back and forth in a line untill the whole room is clean. It picks up a lot... Read more

Love this. Can keep it going all day, schedule certain times of day or as needed. Great tool for busy families. Does a good job and easy to clean. Even came with extra filter and spare parts. Goes... Read more

Why did I wait so long to get this thing?

This Robot Vacuum from iLife is great! Like many, we named ours. "Hortensia" navigates easily from one surface type to the next. Wood or tile floors are a breeze for her. She only slows slightly on... Read more

Best suited for small spaces with hardwood floors.

Because of the size of my house and the minuscule capacity of the Dustbin (smallest in the industry) I sent it back unopened and ordered its larger brother with the 750ml

Poor product, broken in only 4 months

Terrible. After only 4 months it won’t charge or turn on. It looks like it’s charging but will not turn on. Don’t waste your

Stops working after 3 months

This worked well for about 2 months then stopped working. It runs for no more than 10 minutes then returns to home EVERY TIME now. Don’t waste your money on this vacuum. So