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ILife Shinebot W450


Wet mopping

Pros and cons

GoodWet mopping
BadSuction, Quiet, Battery, Functionality, Dimensions

ILife Shinebot W450 specifications

Shinebot W450
CategoryRobot vacuums
Height11.8 centimeters
Battery capacity2900 milliampere hours
Water tank capacity850 mililiters
Suction power
Noise level
Dustbin capacity

Weight3.3 kilograms
Width28.2 centimeters
Height11.8 centimeters

Сleaning area
Battery capacity2900 milliampere hours
Working time80 minutes
Charging time390 minutes

Water tank capacity850 mililiters
Wet moppingYes
Water flow control

Suction power
Rated power

Mapping sensors
Wi-Fi Frequency
Path mappingYes
High-precision map
Video camera
Voice controlYes
Mobile phone appYes
Alexa support (Amazon)
Google assistant support
Real-time tracking
Zone blocking
Areas cleaning
Multi-floor maps
Selected room cleaning

Noise level
Side brushes
Dustbin capacity
Barrier-cross height
Recharge & resume
Automatically rechargeNo
LCD display
Automatic dirt disposal
Filter HEPA
Washable filter
Remote controlYes
Virtual walls (magnetic or optical)
Manual movement control
Carpet boost
Anti-drop (cliff sensor)Yes
Dirt detect
Full bin indicator

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Every day mopping

The first couple of runs were mediocre and I was debating on returning it, until I realized that the scrub brush is turned off by default i turned it on and slowed the movement speed down and it is... Read more

I Love It! Buy one immediately!

I am madly in love with my new housekeeper! I named her Floorence. Get it? Floor Rinse? So clever is she....I have a huge, wildish back yard and two little dogs that bring in leaves, sticks and muddy... Read more

Amazing...unless you have textured tile ;'(

I will start by saying that if you have smooth floors and are on the fence about it, GET IT.This was my third iRobot Shinebot (I loved the first 400 so much I bought a second). When I got it, I was... Read more

I half wish I'd grabbed the w450 for a bit more smarts... But this isn't bad.My only real complaint is it's inability to cross basic thresholds just cannot seem to cross them, and it's just laminate... Read more

The iLife cleaner is strictly a clean and wash. There is no vacuum cleaner. This makes it more efficient as it concentrates on doing only one job, and that’s washing your floor. It was easy to set... Read more

First, i want to say to ILIFE W400s ShineRobot Autonomous Floor Mopping customer service. The shinerobot which I buy was defeated I contacted customer service, and they responded very fast I send my... Read more

Little bit of trial and error to get the most out of it, but I'm happy so far.

Wow, this turned out to be a bit of a novel. Hope it helps...To paint this picture, I've had a few Roombas and a Scooba a while back before they gave up their ghosts and IRobot discontinued the best... Read more

Ordered this machine. Looks bigger in person than in pictures which is good. Although, Doesn’t vacuum or mop very good. It will wet the floor but not really clean it. Like putting water on top of... Read more

I have viomi s9 with auto empty station since 2 years and i robot brava m6 since a week at home and recently purchased i life w450 for office use. The first difference that i noted is i life w450... Read more

This passed the maid test. Cleaned substantially better than her mopping. Right after the mop, we let it run and it picked up a lot of dirtied water, leaving shine on marble flooring with the random... Read more

ILife Shinebot W450 - news and reviews

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