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ILife A11


Wet mopping

Pros and cons

GoodSuction, Quiet, Battery
NormalWet mopping
BadControl, Functionality, Dimensions

ILife A11 specifications

CategoryRobot vacuums
Height9.5 centimeters
Battery capacity5200 milliampere hours
Water tank capacity200 mililiters
Suction power4000 pascals
Noise level63 decibels
Dustbin capacity300 mililiters

Weight3.5 kilograms
Width35 centimeters
Height9.5 centimeters

Сleaning area
Battery capacity5200 milliampere hours
Working time180 minutes
Charging time300 minutes

Water tank capacity200 mililiters
Wet moppingYes
Water flow control

Suction power4000 pascals
Rated power40 watts

Mapping sensors
Wi-Fi Frequency
Path mappingYes
High-precision map
Video camera
Voice controlYes
Mobile phone appYes
Alexa support (Amazon)
Google assistant support
Real-time tracking
Zone blocking
Areas cleaning
Multi-floor maps
Selected room cleaning

Noise level63 decibels
Side brushes
Dustbin capacity300 mililiters
Barrier-cross height
Recharge & resumeYes
Automatically rechargeYes
LCD display
Automatic dirt disposal
Filter HEPAYes
Washable filter
Remote controlYes
Virtual walls (magnetic or optical)
Manual movement control
Carpet boost
Anti-drop (cliff sensor)Yes
Dirt detect
Full bin indicator

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It just did not work. I returned it and bought an A10 which seems to work just fine and it cost less

It works great and has a long battery life

I had originally purchased the V80 model and was super unhappy. It would get lost in my house and not find its way back. The manufacturer was super helpful and helped me to return that model and we... Read more

Everything good but the App

Very good cleaner, since we have a Husky and daily vacuum is important for us. But forget about the cell phone app. Is either too complicated or useless. I'll give it a 5, but the app is

It has problem to find change ports, sensor error

It has problem to find the charging deck and most if the time stuck to reach to the port. Working with the map is not easy and editable.Gets sensor error for evaluating the

Really Expensive, especially if you ship to Thailand.

Works pretty well, but don't want to download the Chinese app that maps your space. Would probably make it a better tool, but don't install that kind of stuff on my electronics. Use it very couple of... Read more

Almost Perfect Robot Vacuum

The A11 is my fourth bot from iLifeFirst, a word about iLife. Yes, they are a Chinese company. Yes, you can buy identical bots under other names for the same price.The difference between iLife and... Read more

Worth every penny

A wonderful LIDAR based robotic cleaner. Have started using it on a regular basis and am seeing a difference on the floor. The high vacuum strength with the side sweep brush and the brush underneath,... Read more

Works but a bit screwy

We have several other iLife robot vacs and have been happy with them. So when the A7 decided it wanted the attention of a factory repair we bought the A11 as an upgrade to replace it while it was... Read more

ILife A11 - news and reviews

Robot vacuum ILife A11 available on Ebay
Robot vacuums
Online store Ebay began selling a robot vacuum ILife A11 at a price of 266$. The product has a nex specifications: ILIFE A11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner/Mop Wet/Dry 2-In-1 WiFi Lidar 4000Pa...NEW .