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Bagotte BG800


Wet mopping

Pros and cons

GoodSuction, Quiet
NormalBattery, Wet mopping, Control, Functionality

Bagotte BG800 specifications

CategoryRobot vacuums
Battery capacity2600 milliampere hours
Water tank capacity
Suction power2200 pascals
Noise level55 decibels
Dustbin capacity600 mililiters


Сleaning area
Battery capacity2600 milliampere hours
Working time120 minutes
Charging time360 minutes

Water tank capacity
Wet mopping
Water flow control

Suction power2200 pascals
Rated power28 watts

Mapping sensors
Wi-Fi Frequency
Path mapping
High-precision map
Video camera
Voice control
Mobile phone app
Alexa support (Amazon)
Google assistant support
Real-time tracking
Zone blocking
Areas cleaning
Multi-floor maps
Selected room cleaning

Noise level55 decibels
Side brushes1 pieces
Dustbin capacity600 mililiters
Barrier-cross height
Recharge & resume
Automatically recharge
LCD display
Automatic dirt disposal
Filter HEPA
Washable filter
Remote control
Virtual walls (magnetic or optical)
Manual movement control
Carpet boost
Anti-drop (cliff sensor)
Dirt detect
Full bin indicator

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Ability to clean, return to base.

I own a two story home that has hardwood floors in the living room and tile floors in the bathrooms. The robot does a great job in devising a strategy to clean the floors. It is fast and efficient!!... Read more

Great for apartment

This robot vacuum works well for my apartment. And my last robot vacuum accidentally “died” after it vacuumed my dog’s poop. And smeared the poop all over my whole apartment floor. I had to... Read more

good cleaning and satisfying battery time

I am using the robot vacuum for almost 2 weeks and I found it quite useful. The best past so far is that the one time charge is good enough clean my complete apartment in a single go. I have... Read more

Very convenient

It’s a nice vacuum if you have pets that shred and toddlers who are messy. It vacuums well, leaving the floor clean. I like that’s quiet so it doesn’t scares my dogs and the auto charging is... Read more

Very practical robot vacuum cleaner

This intelligent sweeping robot has done a very good job. I have been using it for more than two weeks. The battery life is good. It can be recharged once in my hallway, kitchen, living room and... Read more

Great product if you have pets

 Great vacuum robot if you have pets at home. It will save you a lot of time and works. And it will do self charging which impressed me a

Really fun and easy to use

I really dont know why I didn't get a vacuum cleaner like this 5 years ago. It makes my life so much easier. It was relatively simple to setup. Set up took some time, but once it was set up the first... Read more

Quiet and efficient

 Nice quiet robot vacuum, it maps the rooms and the information is available via the app. It can also be controlled entirely via the app. Battery last about 1 hour of continuous operation before it... Read more

Perfect even it you have furry pets

I recomend it if you have pets, I have a cat and 2 dogs and I was worried that it was going to get stuck with so much hair, but it works perfectly. It leaves the floor spotless, cleans every corner... Read more

It works very quite

I bought it for my wife as a gift. She loved it. This robot vacuum is working very well and super quite. Also, being connecting to the alexa makes us control it remotely take is perfect

Bagotte BG800 - news and reviews

Bagotte BG800 multi-function robot vacuum review: affordable sweeping with optional wet mopping Review
The Bagotte BG800 is a nice-looking robot vacuum cleaner with a simple-to-use functional app, remote control, and boundary strip.
Bagotte BG800 review: Affordable sweeping robot vacuum with optional wet mopping Review
The Bagotte BG800 is a nice-looking robot vacuum cleaner with a simple-to-use functional app, remote control, and boundary strip.
Robot vacuum Bagotte BG800 available on Ebay
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Online store Ebay began selling a robot vacuum Bagotte BG800 at a price of 168$. The product has a nex specifications: Robot Vacuum, Bagotte BG800 2200Pa Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi Connected, App .
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The Bagotte BG800 Robot vacuum promises exceptional and smart vacuuming of hard floors and carpeted areas.  It boasts a higher-than-average suction power,