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Abir X8


Wet mopping

Pros and cons

GoodSuction, Battery, Wet mopping, Control, Functionality

Abir X8 specifications

CategoryRobot vacuums
Height7.6 centimeters
Battery capacity2600 milliampere hours
Water tank capacity360 mililiters
Suction power6500 pascals
Noise level50 decibels
Dustbin capacity600 mililiters

Weight3.3 kilograms
Width33 centimeters
Height7.6 centimeters

Сleaning area200 square meters
Battery capacity2600 milliampere hours
Working time120 minutes
Charging time240 minutes

Water tank capacity360 mililiters
Wet moppingYes
Water flow control

Suction power6500 pascals
Rated power25 watts

Mapping sensors
Wi-Fi Frequency
Path mappingYes
High-precision map
Video camera
Voice control
Mobile phone appYes
Alexa support (Amazon)Yes
Google assistant supportYes
Real-time tracking
Zone blocking
Areas cleaning
Multi-floor maps
Selected room cleaningYes

Noise level50 decibels
Side brushes2 pieces
Dustbin capacity600 mililiters
Barrier-cross height20 milimeters
Recharge & resumeYes
Automatically rechargeYes
LCD display
Automatic dirt disposal
Filter HEPAYes
Washable filter
Remote controlYes
Virtual walls (magnetic or optical)
Manual movement control
Carpet boost
Anti-drop (cliff sensor)Yes
Dirt detectNo
Full bin indicatorNo

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Besides, it's amazing! I would buy again without hesitation.

Delivery within 3 days, shipping from PL. ABIR performs very well. Detects carpets, washes well. He easily finds himself in the apartment. The only drawback is overcoming thresholds - 1.8 cm high... Read more

Abir X8 - news and reviews

Robot vacuum Abir X8 available on Ebay
Robot vacuums
Online store Ebay began selling a robot vacuum Abir X8 at a price of 490$. The product has a nex specifications: Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Smart Alexa Mop Sweeper, Virtual barrier, ABIR X8 Gen. .